Raja Porcelain Co.,Ltd . is moving from OEM production to now ODM production, we are the best about the in-house design. Our services include top to bottom in house product development, manufacturing and shipping arrangements. We develop and produce all kind of ceramics that would be found in the home. We have more experience in the field working with both the leaders in the home furnishings field as well as small startup companies with an idea.  

Product Development

We can start with as little as a concept and assist with design, provide  visual-aid ( mock up)/sample, cost quotes production planning and shipping requirements. It's our job to make the process as easy and painless as possible


The extreme importance of confidentiality with regards to your project is fully understood and nondisclosure statements are welcomed. Trust and integrity are the cornerstones for a long term private label manufacture. We have been manufacturing many long term relationships and referrals.